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4x4 Cleansing Wipes

These 4x4 cleansing wipes are a must-have to cleanse your face.

How to do a basic cleanse with 4x4s.

  1. Start by taking a quarter size amount of cleanser onto your fingertips and liberally rub all over the face without adding water. Massage the product into the skin gently and thoroughly for 10-15 seconds.
  2. Cup your hands and wet them under the sink, and massage the product with a small amount of water into your skin for 45 secs. 
  3. Take two dampened 4x4 cloths and fold them in half, then take each folded 4x4 and fold them over each index finger. This will allow you to gently yet thoroughly begin wiping the skin in an up and outward motion to remove the cleanser and buildup present on the skin. Be sure to hold the skin taut while wiping the skin. Flip over the 4x4’s to expose the clean side and continue cleansing the face by wiping.
  4. Rinse 4x4s as necessary to ensure the face is completely cleansed. Repeat steps as necessary until the face is thoroughly cleansed and the 4x4s are white in appearance to indicate all product has been removed. 
  5. Pat face dry with a clean towel.