BOHO Skincare Bundle + Consult

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BOHO Skincare Bundle + Consult

This package includes a custom skincare bundle & consultation to evaluate and suggest what skincare products are right for you based on your skincare goals and needs. 

With this bundle, you can expect a cleanser and a moisturizer or serum. 

The consultation will go over:

  • Skin goals
  • Find out your skin type
  • Diet and supplements - If you want good skin it starts from within. We make sure everything you are doing is in line with that you can truly have that beautiful healthy glowing skin you have always wanted
  • What your new skincare regiment will look like
  • Written out directions on how to use your new skincare regiment

Prior to consulting you will fill out our online skin questionnaire and send pictures of your skin makeup-free.

Take pictures of the front and both sides of your face.