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BOHO Fan Brushes


    As an experienced esthetician, I'm excited to introduce the perfect mask brush for a luxurious, spa-like experience. This brush features silky, soft white goat hair bristles with just the right amount of fluffiness to provide a flawless application of all types of masks and cleansers.


    Your Esti Bestie,

  • - Holly Tanella 

  • Designed for durability, this brush will last through countless treatments without losing its shape or quality. With a hair length of 30mm and a handle length of 160mm, it's the perfect size for easy, precise application.

    Brush Care:

    To care for your brush, simply cleanse it with antibacterial soap and water, and then spray it down with an antibacterial essential oil cleaner or a quick dip in Barbacide. We do not recommend soaking it in barbacide as it is too strong and can damage the bristles. After cleaning, leave it out to dry and it will be ready for your next luxurious skincare experience.