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Magnesium Bicarb

  • mMagBicarb is the highest grade magnesium hydroxide that is tested at a 99.9% purity (no fishy, metal taste). Magnesium is a foundational mineral for the human body that gets used up in mass quantities under any stress, whether that physical or mental. With the lack of Magnesium in our food and water, we must supplement to perform at our best. Taking magnesium is excellent to be used inside your cells, but magnesium bicarbonate (magnesium hydroxide + carbonated water) is the only form of magnesium used inside your mitochondria. 3 oz.

    MagBicarb is a game-changer and will help with every aspect of your health.


    Helps lower stress levels and relax

    Increases brain performance

    Improves mood

    Good for heart health