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mBreakfast Superfood Powder

  • mBreakfast is the foundation for every other supplement to build on, filled with organic wildcrafted superfood blend of Superior Herbs, Medicinal Mushrooms, Algae, and Bitoic extracts. Loaded with essential proteins, fats, prebiotics, vitamins, minerals, and an entire missing class of nutrients. mBreakfast contains no man-made vitamins or minerals that have a non-electric charge. Feed your microbiome a diverse group of nutrients as nature intended.


    • 4 missing classes of foods: Superior herbs, biotic extracts, algaes, and medicinal mushrooms
    • Pure and pristine sources: Grown at high elevations, mineral-rich volcanic soils, pristine glacial waters, wild heirloom or 100% organic
    • Nutrient dense whole food botanicals: #1 sources of bio-available essential vitamins, minerals, proteins and a whole class of missing nutrient compounds.
    • Key missing nutrients: like neurotransmitters, rare antioxidants, growth hormones, prebiotics, alkaloids, saponins, beta-glucans, and more!
    • Combat nutritional deficiencies and toxicity: of our environments (pollution), modern diets (pesticides), and lifestyles (emotions)

    Choose from a 3 or 21oz.