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Hormone Test Kit

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    • This hormone test kit is sent right to your door, just follow the instructions and send off in the pre-printed label, after that your results should arrive in two weeks. That's when our functional medicine coach will look over your results and come up with a plan to balance them. Your lab results and your hormone-balancing plan will be covered in detail over a video chat with our functional medicine coach.

      Hormones are essential chemical messengers that regulate routine processes in the body. Hormone imbalances can affect a wide range of body functions including:

      • Metabolism and appetite
      • Hormonal Acne
      • Sleeplessness
      • Reproductive cycles
      • Sexual function
      • Hair thinning
      • Mood and stress levels


      All of these can negatively affect quality of life.

      A comprehensive assessment of individual hormones would provide patterns of imbalances in different hormones, while assessment of their metabolites would provide beneficial information on affected downstream pathways, that cannot be seen by a blood test. This will help give insight into treat underlying causes of hormone imbalances to get your to living optimally.