Circadia Vitamin C Reversal Serum - BOHO Skincare

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Circadia Vitamin C Reversal Serum

  • This age-defying essential product contains the most stable and active form of Vitamin C to brighten and increase the firm look of skin while neutralizing free radicals. This serum also contains hyaluronic acid and Vitamin B5 to hydrate and smooth skin. 


    0.5 fl oz/15 ml

    Skin Type Indications:

    All skin types, especially those in need of connective tissue rebuilding and restructuring.



    • Magnesium ascorbyl phosphate appears to have the same potential as other forms of  Vitamin C, to boost skin collagen synthesis but is effective in significantly lower concentrations.
    • Magnesium ascorbyl phosphate is converted to natural acid Vitamin C in the skin.
    • Vitamin C is also a potent antioxidant.

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